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Dangerous Dogs

Though the saying goes that “dogs are man’s best friend”, the unfortunate truth is that some dogs can turn on humans and attack, even if they are unprovoked. Some dogs are naturally more aggressive than others, so people may want to exercise a greater degree of caution when around these dogs.

Sadly, the reasons behind some attacks will forever remain unclear. If you or someone you love was seriously injured by a dog, contact the Michigan dangerous dog lawyers of Ravid & Associates, P.C., today at 1-877-PETBITE to learn more about your legal rights and options.

Dangerous Dog Breeds

According to the Center for Disease Control, some dog breeds may be more dangerous than others. The CDC compiles statistics for dog bite-related fatalities, and the following dog breeds were responsible for more human deaths than other dog breeds:

Michigan does not restrict ownership of any of these dogs, as most dogs tend to be friendly and harmless. For the select few that do attack, though, the results can be severe or even deadly.

How Ravid & Associates Can Help

If a dangerous dog attacks you, you may be able to hold the dog’s owner accountable for your injuries and suffering. Dog owners must take responsibility for the actions of their pets. The dangerous dog attorneys of Ravid & Associates may be able to help you fight for financial compensation if you have suffered harm.

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If you have been attacked by an aggressive dog, contact the Michigan pet bite attorneys of Ravid & Associates, P.C., at 1-877-PETBITE today to find out how you can hold the owner accountable.

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Verdicts and Settlements

$300,000 judgment for a dog bite victim.

$450,000 judgment for victim of pit bull attack resulting in severe bite wounds.

$35,000 settlement to incident where dog jumped and knocked down pedestrian.

$250,000 judgment for dog attack victim.

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